Week 4 : What’s Your Type?

Let just get this out of the way now, I like simple posters.

This simple poster for the movie UP uses everyone’s favourite typeface, Helvetica.  This poster uses three different fonts, I’m guessing Bold, UltraLight, and Thin.  I think this typeface works with this poster because this poster is meant to be simple.  Even another simple font such as Ariel wouldn’t really work because it doesn’t have the flexibility of thickness that Helvetica does.


This poster for the movie Moneyball uses the typeface that everyone’s seen before but does’t know the name of, including me which is sad because I’ve used it before.  This typeface works because people associate it with sports, and it gets way overused on athletic apparel.


This poster’s typeface is effective because it is either the typeface that Facebook uses or close enough that people associate it with Facebook anyway.  According to this website Facebook uses a custom font but Klavika Bold is close.


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